Hiperbaric strongly believes that in order to maintain its leadership position as High Pressure Processing equipment manufacturer for the food industry, R&D is essential.

From the early days of Hiperbaric, when the first HPP prototypes were under design, to the latest times of big international projects, R&D has always been a constant presence. The technological advances achieved are the main reason of our success.

Hiperbaric invests more than 7% turnover in R&D. It also collaborates in various regional, national and international R&D projects co-funded by the the Castilla y León Government (ADE), Spain Ministry of Trade and Industry (PROFIT and CDTI), ant the European Union (6th and 7th Framework Program).

There are to research main lines:

  • Improvement in equipment design and production. Hiperbaric is providing at the moment the biggest, fastest and most reliable HPP equipment, and specially adapted to a high demanding production environment as the food industry´s.
    Hiperbaric range is internationally recognized as the current world standard in HPP equipment for food industries.
  • Collaborating with laboratories, technological centres and public and private companies (from SMEs to big international groups) Hiperbaric helps the development and improvement of new innovative food concepts using High Pressure Processing. We provide technological support from the best international experts in HPP technology.