• hiperbaric 55

The Hiperbaric 55 is ideal equipment for small/medium production, product development and market tests. For instance: SME’s with relatively low production environments, food companies servicing “niche” markets, seasonal productions, or installed in a R&D centre willing not only to investigate High Pressure Processing, but to provide real food concepts to the market and test them before upscaling.

Its robust and compact design, with one integrated single intensifier, makes it easy and quick to install in almost any facility. It is a perfect fit for the first steps into High Pressure Processing.

Characteristics of Hiperbaric 55 equipment

Hiperbaric 55 is an industrial production equipment which includes:

  • A 55l volume vessel. 200mm diameter.
  • 22 m2 surface requirement.
  • Automatic loading/ unloading system.
  • Ergonomics and speed.

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