Hiperbaric designs, manufactures and markets High Pressure Processing equipment since its foundation in the year 1999. It has established the standard in HPP equipment for the food industry around the world:

  • Horizontal design of the chamber.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy automation.
  • Reliability.
  • Optimal traceability.
  • Productivity with the best energy efficiency.
  • Environmentally respectful.
  • Designed for food industries, considering special needs in aspects like: cleaning, maintenance, ergonomy, etc.

Hiperbaric Range

Our range, the widest in the World, is made up of different sized vessels in order to respond to the various requirements of our customers; from small companies with niche markets to the biggest productions of international groups.

Maintenance tasks have also been deeply studied and simplified to be minimized, adapting them to the special needs of food industries.

  • The Hiperbaric range allows High Pressure Processing of food up to a maximum pressure of 600 MPa / 87.000 psi. in a range of temperature from +5ºC up to +30ºC (+41ªF up to +86ºF).
  • The Hiperbaric/55HT, developed in the year 2009, is the most advanced piece of equipment able to combine pressure (630 MPa working pressure) and temperature (5-90ºC).
  • Every equipment developed by Hiperbarics includes:
    • One or more fully independent high pressure intensifier, depending on the size of the equipment.
    • Automated loading & unloading conveyor.
    • SCADA system.
    • Tactile screen for operation in automatic and manual mode.
    • Internet connection for remote maintenance.
    • 2 pressure transducers with auto verification checking system.